Welcome Package

Welcome Package

Congratulations on being accepted to model for Absurd Clothing. As a model you will post photos or videos wearing Absurd Clothing clothing on Instagram and tag us. When we use your photos or videos on any of our social media accounts or online store, you get paid.

We will also be doing paid photo shoots and hosting exclusive brand parties across the United Kingdom next year. You will be guaranteed an invite to come! Please read all of this package in order, without jumping ahead so that you understand everything!

Why we need you

Our main goal over the next 12 months is to grow Absurd Clothing into one of the biggest clothing brands of the 2020s. We already have more than 100,000 followers on Instagram. We will be advertising to more than 150 million people to let them know our brand is coming to stores, including across the United Kingdom soon.

We want to have models posting photos or videos wearing Absurd Clothing before we advertise, so people will be more likely to recognize the brand when they see our advertising. We already run digital billboard ads in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Orlando, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Chicago, USA.

What you get

After you take photos or videos wearing Absurd Clothing and post them on your Instagram, tag us (@absurdclothing2017) so that we see them. We will then feature your photos or videos on our accounts too. When we feature you in a story, you get tagged and if we post you on our accounts, you get paid. If we really like your photos or videos, we may also use them on our website, in our online ads, in retail stores or even on billboards. You will get paid for this as well. All payments are in US dollars.

What we pay to use your photos or videos

Instagram Story                                                     Tag only
Instagram Post                                                      $50 + tag
Online Ads                                                             $50-$1,000
Retail store                                                            $200-$2,000 + royalties
Billboard                                                                $300-$3,000 + royalties

Paid photo shoots, exclusive brand parties and music concerts

In addition to potentially paying to use your photos or videos, we will also be doing paid photo shoots and hosting exclusive brand parties in California and across 34 countries, including the United Kingdom. If selected for the paid shoots, you will be paid $50-$75 USD per hour to come model with us. The exclusive brand parties will be open to all models and you will be given VIP access, this is guaranteed!

You will get to come to brand sponsored concerts to watch popular music artists perform. As well, we will be inviting influencers to the parties, so you will have a chance to meet them. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. We are rewriting the story of what it means to be a brand by using our influence and reach to give you an experience unlike any other.

Order your clothing to get started now

If you do not already have Absurd Clothing, you are going to need some! We can only feature your photos or videos and pay you if you are wearing our clothing. You will also need to wear Absurd Clothing when you come to the brand parties. Don't worry, you do not need to pay full retail prices. Because you are modeling for us, we are going to pay some or all of your clothing costs for you based on how many followers you have.

Followers Clothing Items
Under 50k 50% 1 to 8
50k+ 70% 1 to 4
100k+ 100% 1
250k+ 100% 1 to 2
500k+ 100% 1 to 3
*Accounts over 100k+ followers will be reviewed by Absurd Clothing. An engagement of at least 3% is required for eligibility.
You should use your store card below to order as much clothing as you can now. We are paying 50% of the cost for you on your first 8 items. This means you can order just one piece of clothing if you want, or as many as 8 pieces! We wish we could offer to pay half of your clothing forever, but we have to make sure we keep our program within budget, so we can only guarantee it for the next 7 days.
Go to https://absurdclothing.co.uk/ and click "Add to bag" on any items you want. It will apply your card # HH43154736 automatically. It will take 50% off your entire order, up to 8 items! Then, click "Checkout Now" to complete your order.

After you order 📦

After you order your clothing, it will be shipped to you from our head office. Once you receive your package, you can start taking photos or videos and tagging @absurdclothing2017 on Instagram right away. As soon as there is a paid photo shoot or brand party scheduled near you, we will message you and post it in your store account (available once you order your clothing). If you have any questions, you can email us any time.

We really appreciate you being a part of the brand and we can't wait to see your photos or videos! Absurd Clothing is going to be one of the biggest clothing brands in the United Kingdom and we are making that happen together.